ICI, we keep informed

  • Sidewalk sale: July 3rd to July 7th 2019

    Beginning Wednesday July 3rd, until Sunday July 7th inclusively, come and take advantage of Faubourg Boisbriand's sidewalk sale!

  • National Holiday, June 24th 2019

    Please note that our retailers will be closed on Monday, June 24th for the National Holiday.

    We invite you to contact our restaurants and Jean Coutu pharmacy, to inquire about their opening hours for that day.


  • New playground !

    The Faubourg Boisbriand playground is now open! 

    Located in front of Presse Café (close to Marshalls), children from 2 to 12 years old are invited to come and play (under parent/guardian supervision) from 9h00am until sunset every day until October 15th.

  • Rotary intersection: how to use it?

    1. Slow down as you approch the intersection and observe the prescribed speed limit.
    2. Yield  the way for the vehicles that are already circulating in the intersection; yield the way for pedestrians and cyclists who are crossing at the designated crossings. When traffic is heavier, it is possible that a driver might have to complete a full stop. 
    3. Drive along counterclockwise.
    4. Anticipate and signal your exit; never stop in the intersection. If you miss your exit, do a complete turn and retake the desired exit. 
    5. Stay vigilant and take the exit.

    Be safe!